Chicken all over the World

These article is in english because the project is for all people of this world.

Chicken live in all countries, in a lot of cities or in the nature.

We want to see a lot of real pictures (no fake pics like in this video) and hope to show all visitors from this page your pictures from every place of this planet.


So please make a picture from you chicken or rooster and please show in these picture one typical "thing" of your country or city. It is unimportant, if these typical is an food, a drink, a sportdress or a local outfit. It is also ok to show a sightseeing in the backround (for example the "Eiffelturm" or "mountains".

Important is only to show one or more chicken with a typical thing on the picture. 

But don´t catch some hens and go to a sightseeing place!


Here you can download the pdf formular and also you see a video about these project.


Layout chicken all over the world
Here you can download the layout for this project
layout chicken all over the world.pptx.p
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 113.3 KB

You can send me the filled layout to the eMail adress


If you send me the picture you agree, that i show your picture (without your name or other personal informations)

on this homepage.


I hope a lot of people wants to be a part of these never ending project.


So, lets start!